Media and Networking Training

Media training

“Everything was skilled and had focus, it was pared down and productive, it knew its audience…I felt far better informed by 4pm and had learned things which whilst simple would not have crossed my mind without the teaching…what I learned is going to be useful in the Day Job.”
The Right Honourable Lady Justice Rafferty, DBE, The Sentencing Council

We have trained clients for all aspects of public engagement, from making a corporate video to standing up in front of a Parliamentary enquiry. The tools are the same for both: a clear understanding of objectives, an appreciation of the workings of the media in question, and the confidence that comes with training and feedback.

Our team has worked in all areas from TV and radio through to public speaking and online interviewing, so we are able to sit with our clients through the process of learning the skills of presentation. There is no dark art to media and networking training: what we enable our clients to do is to present their case confidently and effectively whatever the environment. With training and practice, what can at first seem daunting becomes an enjoyable and challenging part of one’s job.

Most new business is only achieved after five contacts with a prospective client. Networking skills are essential in developing and nurturing new business. Our two-hour networking training sessions will make you more confident and teach you the tricks to successful networking.

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