Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring services

“Tim and his team have a done a brilliant job in helping to raise our organisation’s profile and thereby making a genuine contribution to our recent growth and future prospects. We have achieved far more – and more quickly – than we could have hoped to do via advertising, and this has had many spin-off effects: new membership enquiries, conference speaking invitations and, not to be overlooked, higher profile in front of existing members.”

Bob Lyddon, General Secretary, IBOS Banking Association

We deliver regular and comprehensive media summaries to all of our clients so that they can monitor how effectively they are presenting their case to the audiences they need to reach. This includes a consistent benchmarking process covering all traditional and social media, to ensure our clients’ core competencies are being presented accurately on a daily basis.

How is the perception of an organisation changing in a particular field over time? Is there a mismatch in awareness amongst different sectors, and can that mismatch be addressed tactically?

Only by having an overall view of the media coverage of an organisation are we able to analyse where to put extra pressure, where to subtlety develop the message, where to allocate extra resource. Our clients do not expect to find themselves lagging behind in any area, and we give them the tools to know that they are covering all bases.

Media monitoring case study