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Maltin PR is a London-based legal and corporate PR firm specialising in litigation PR, public affairs and reputation management.

Maltin PR was founded in 2008 by the former Chairman of City PR firm Lehmann Communications, Tim Maltin, alongside the former Global Head of Public Relations at Magic Circle law firm Allen & Overy LLP, Iain Rodger.

For over a decade, Maltin PR have advised on a range of national and international, high-profile and sensitive matters including the Leveson Inquiry, the RBS Rights Issue case, and the 2018 Russian Presidential Election.

Comprising 20 individuals well versed in media and campaign strategy, litigation PR, public affairs and reputation management, Maltin PR possesses a unique network of personal relationships with journalists from across the national, international and trade press, as well as broadcast media.

Maltin PR is recognised by Chambers and Partners 2018 as a leading Litigation Support PR firm: “Clients appreciate the firm for being “very passionate about the cases they take on,” while a lawyer reports that “we were dealing with an organisation that gets badly beaten up in the press. The only firm we have used who have had any traction with this case are Maltin. Not a lot of the vanilla, large PR agencies could handle it.” The agency are also commended for “providing spot-on judgements” on how to engage with activists and agitators surrounding a case.

Maltin PR is a member of the PRCA, and both founders are Members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Tim Maltin is a holder of the Institute of Public Relations Communications Award for Excellence.

Our services


Every Maltin client is unique. When you become our client, we take time to understand your bespoke requirements and expectations. Only by doing that can we achieve the best measurable results for your success. Our approach is rigorous and disciplined to ensure that the specific demands of your business are addressed with the utmost professionalism and discretion. We focus on what you want us to accomplish in raising, building and maintaining your public profile.

Our services

Litigation Support:

Maltin PR has a dynamic team of specialists that have worked on a number of major recent cases, including the RBS Rights Issue litigation, a $300m international fraud and an ongoing investigation by a prosecuting authority. Maltin PR offers clients wide ranging services to support their strategic aims throughout litigation. It has successfully controlled narratives, protected reputations and issued media guidance in a variety of other inter-jurisdictional litigation cases involving international banking families, high-profile action groups, renowned political figures, city-traders and global natural resources companies.

Reputation Management:

Maltin PR’s reputation management team works closely with individuals and corporates to protect reputations, mitigating risks and ensuring public focus on our client’s narratives. Maltin’s team is also experienced in rehabilitating damaged reputations through carefully managed strategies, including thought leadership campaigns and “Right to be Forgotten” requests.

Legal and Corporate PR:

Utilising a wide range of contacts in both national and trade press, Maltin PR is well positioned to support the day-to-day PR needs of law firms and professional services companies, including leading specialist firms. The firm provides high level advice to senior members of staff, promoting them individually alongside their firm and practice area.

Public Affairs:

Maltin clients often require assistance in putting their views forward to public bodies, including MPs and MEPs. On multiple occasions Maltin PR has successfully implemented public affairs campaigns for corporates and politicians, often working closely with journalists and MPs on public interest campaigns.


Our clients require sophisticated design services to package their messages and support their marketing campaigns. We provide the full range of digital and print design services from our in-house studio.

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What clients say about Maltin PR

Clients praise Tim Maltin for being an “extremely proactive and energetic individual, to a degree that’s difficult to believe,” and “an excellent ideas man.” Lawyers attest: “He understands legal and litigation matters, and quickly grasps the agendas involved in a case. I’ve yet to come across anyone in my 30 years as a litigator who is as focused on and dedicated to litigation PR.”

Chambers and Partners Litigation Support 2018