Pro bono PR and Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud to be working with Sportability to empower disabled people and support their key objectives by providing pro bono PR support, both nationally and across the localities and activity sectors in which they operate.

Sportability is a charity which helps people with paralysis take part in sporting activities and challenging pursuits around the UK. It provides a physical outlet along with support and enthusiasm for those who may have thought participating in sporting activities was unachievable.

The charity’s main aim is to provide sport and challenging pursuits for people with paralysis, typically people who have had a spinal cord injury, stroke or have M.S. It is not about creating elite sportsmen and women. It is about the adrenaline rush, putting the buzz back into a life corralled by the wheelchair, walking sticks or crutches.

The Sportability Experience helps people to re-build confidence, restore self-esteem and re-assess their capabilities, which carries through to everyday living. It is not just access to activities, but the social mix, the acceptance and sense of achievement that are empowering.

For the immediate future, Sportability has two main objectives: To provide a greater range of sports (indoor and outdoor) in their existing regions of operation; and to offer additional programmes in new regions.

Sportability enables people with paralysis to have access to sport throughout the UK. The ultimate aim is to bring the Sportability Experience within an hour’s drive of the main population areas of the UK, and they are also looking to develop additional activities in South Wales, the North East, and Northern Ireland.

Commenting on Sportability and its impact, Chief Executive David Heard said: “Even now, after 29 years and organising literally hundreds of events, I still thrill to see the effect that our events and activities have on people, not just the participants, but on friends and family. The Sportability Experience really does change lives.”

Tim Maltin, Chief Executive of Maltin PR, commented: “We are delighted to be working with David and his small but dedicated team. Their focus and commitment is inspiring and we hope that through our work more disabled people will be given the chance to have fun and to prove to themselves that there are a huge amount of physical activities which they can enjoy and excel at.”

Sportability are looking for additional corporate sponsors to support their important work, either nationally or by region. Please let us know if you or your company would like to get involved.


Find out more about Sportability here.