Corker Binning

Invigorating the identity
of dynamic law firm

After a successful brand and website refresh in 2016, we worked with London-based law firm, Corker Binning, to evolve their identity and breathe new life into their brand. Our user-centred design approach aimed to improve the user engagement and journey as well as added dynamic elements and clear messaging for the award winning firm.


We evolved the existing brand into a vibrant, fresh new identity for the firm. Colour and shapes played a major part in creating a unique style that matches the firm’s character while remaining sophisticated and professional. The brand remains strong and unmistakable due to the consistent, eye-catching creative elements.


At the centre of our design approach, improved user experience and navigation was key to the success of the website refresh project. We worked closely with the client to take their website to the next level of usability and user-centred design. Our new visual direction was an evolution of the previous style, bringing in a wider colour palette, tailored image library and animated elements.


“The Knowledge” – an A5 28 page quarterly newsletter distributed to Corker Binning’s subscribers and network. Printed on a premium recycled stock, the newsletter is both premium and lightweight for easy postage.


A colourful, vibrant and playful tone has always been applied to Corker Binning event invitations.


We helped organise Corker Binning’s 15th Anniversary party, which coincided with the “Bond in Motion” exhibit at the London Film Museum. Along with PR and event support, we produced all design materials including invites, badges and t-shirts.


Printed folders, profile documents and various templates for office use.


We have designed an array of unique items such as branded umbrellas and custom t-shirts for the London Legal Walk participants.


A unique Christmas card design that reflected the new office location of the firm and featured the firms partners. These digital versions of the cards included simply animated versions centred around their office in Chancery Lane.