Huwga Building Co.

Branding for a progressive building firm that aims to shake the stereotypes of the industry.

Huwga is the brainchild of founder Mike Penn, who had a vision for a modern building service that offers households ‘beautiful and comfortable spaces’, while distancing themselves from the macho stereotypes that blights the industry. The word is derived from the Danish word ‘Hygge’, which is used to represent a feeling of comfiness and well-being within one’s environment.

Taking a scandi-inspired approach to the typography, we used an earthy, natural colour palette to complement the clean lines of the icon to present a modern, trustworthy brand that stands out against the competition.

Huwga Icons


In addition to sitting in the logo lockup, the ‘H’ icon can stand alone as a design device. The repeated pattern with a single highlighted ‘H’ symbolises the stand-out nature of Huwga and the spaces they create.


The brand guidelines provide a design framework for future brand communications, providing detail for the fundamentals required for consistency without suffocating creativity and interpretation.