Maintaining a Positive Online Presence for Prominent Individuals

A successful businessman with a variety of reputation issues approached Maltin for assistance. In response, we transformed the individual’s online presence through positive content creation.

Much of this had been reported online appearing on the first page of Google search results for his name. We had to undertake a complete reconstruction of his online presence to ensure that the adverse news stories about him were superseded by neutral or positive information.

To rebuild our client’s Google search results, we strategically expanded and developed his online footprint. Working with our client, we identified the bad articles which we needed to move down, the good articles that we had to move up, and those articles which were neutral.

We then set about an active engagement strategy to increase his online presence, creating articles that were more relevant, especially those with his name in the headline. The publication of positive news stories in diverse media sources covered both his personal and business activities. We also increased the number of his published photographs and other online real-estate.

On social media, we ensured that he was much more active on Twitter and LinkedIn, posting tweets and blogs, and strategically adding to his followers to boost his rankings for these. To establish him as a thought leader, we made him a member of many more groups with further blogs, posts and articles.

The net result produced a dramatically reshaped online presence. Adverse stories relating to our client were legitimately suppressed by the new activity, which was entirely positive and featured much more prominently in search rankings, by being more relevant and recent.

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