Naming strategy & brand launch

This entrepreneurial startup provides integrated financial and legal solutions. Our research was followed by the development of a naming strategy and an programme of identity design and delivery. Progeny was born out of an ambition to create the first multi-service professional platform of its kind.

Working with our PR department, we developed the name Progeny and lineage graphics to represent the company structure as a symbol of family, growth, and heritage.


A strong, typographic logo was developed to reflect a clear and confident brand. A minimal style and colour palette were created to complement and balance with the detailed lineage graphic, as well as having the flexibility to adapt to the subsidiary brand logos.


Each department was given a unique colour palette, logo and guidelines to reinforce the individual personalities within a cohesive brand.


We developed integrated “stand alone” websites for all of the divisions and the Group.


Premium quality stationery and printed documents were developed for each department.


We created a variety of branded marketing materials for all departments for distribution and events.


Monthly digital newsletters and various marketing email campaigns were created for the firm and each sub-service. We created a bespoke design template that could easily be modified and distributed by the firm as needed.


We have created advertisements on both small and large scales for the company, including digital billboard, magazine, newspaper and digital web advertisements.