Exercising the Right to be Forgotten

A prominent individual’s reputation was suffering from adverse material online. In response, Maltin developed their online footprint and utilised EU data protection legislation.

Over time, we systematically rebuilt and expanded our client’s Google search results by enhancing and developing his online reputation. Primarily, this was achieved through the publication of several positive news stories in a variety of media sources which related both to his personal and business activities, as well as making full use of other search engine real-estate, such as website and social media listings.

In addition, we also utilised EU data protection legislation known as ‘the right to be forgotten’. This enables an individual to request the deletion or removal of irrelevant or misleading information.

By drafting a successful application under this legislation, we succeeded in having negative articles removed from UK and EU servers. To deal with search results in the US, we achieved sufficient US domestic media coverage which significantly pushed down negative results and the US article is also now no longer visible.

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