Our client wanted to deliver a speech to the International Bar Association (IBA) in Washington DC. The speech was scheduled to be approximately twenty minutes in length for an audience that would be comprised of international business lawyers from law firms in nearly 50 countries.

The first stage involved speaking to the client at length to determine the key points she wanted to make, and in what order. We then drafted the speech of 3000 words, carefully structured so that it covered every point, while making the content relevant, appealing and engaging to the audience.

In terms of layout, the speech was sent to the speaker in legible, double-spaced large font, including appropriate suggestions on pausing, maintaining eye contact, and slow clear delivery. Her speech was very well-received by the lawyers at the IBA, provoking an excellent response in terms of questions afterwards. As a result, we were asked to write another speech for the same client two months later.

We are able to deliver speeches ranging from five minutes to half an hour for business audiences, small and large. This includes providing speeches where the content is highly technical, e.g. at conferences or seminars, and we can simplify it for a non-specialist audience. We can also produce speeches that require a lighter touch, such as after dinner or for an awards ceremony.

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