In Dispute: Information and the Courts – Maltin PR and CMS video series

We are pleased to announce the launch of our ‘In Dispute’ video series, created by Maltin PR for CMS, explaining the different aspects of reputation management during litigation.

The first film ‘Information and the Courts’ explores types of information that may be made available during the court process, the associated risks and how these might be managed.

In this film, Clive Coleman, Senior Partner at Maltin PR and former BBC Legal Affairs Correspondent, interviews Louise Boswell, commercial disputes Partner at CMS, Sian Harrison, Law Editor at PA Media, and Maltin PR Managing Partner and litigation PR expert, Tim Maltin.

Louise Boswell discusses how parties to litigation need to consider that any information disclosed in the court process can enter the public domain and is capable of enhancing or damaging the reputations of individuals and organisations.

Sian Harrison goes on to explore reporting restrictions on hearings, covering information that cannot be made available to the public and the importance of working closely with trusted litigation PR experts.

In Clive’s interview with Tim Maltin, Tim highlights the importance that claimants and their legal teams understand that the reputation value of a court case is usually higher than the matter value, even when matter values are very high. Tim also talks about the importance of building good relationships with legal journalists at both the national and legal trade press.

Watch the film below: