It’s a dog’s life! Our Nell writes in The Telegraph today about her French bulldog…

Writing in The Telegraph today, our Senior Account Manager, Fenella Maudslay, writes about the benefits of spending lockdown with her French bulldog, Grant, and adapting to life as a dog owner in London.

Lockdown was a very challenging time for many people, and Nell describes how Grant provided a “vital outlet” for her and during lockdown “massively improved my mental health”. “He is always happy to see me and so loving”, she added.

“To have a Frenchie jumping all over you whenever you come home is extremely sweet. And even if there are some days where I really don’t feel like it, knowing I have to take him out for a walk gets me out of the house as well”.

Pets have played an important role for many over the past year. A survey has indicated that 89% of people felt that their pets had a positive impact on their mental health during the pandemic.

Grant is “a real Hackney boy” and has adapted well to London life since arriving from Cardiff, while Nell and her partner have thoroughly enjoyed owning a dog in the capital.

You can read Nell’s article in The Telegraph here.