Lawdragon interview with Tim Maltin about Litigation PR

Our Managing Partner Tim Maltin was recently interviewed by Lawdragon on the role of PR in litigation, discussing how a successful PR strategy can help build, strengthen and manage reputations.

2023-03-24Lawdragon is a leading publisher of legal guides and directories for international law firms.

Speaking with Lawdragon, Tim explained how litigation PR is becoming increasingly important for clients. He explains how Maltin PR provides litigation support on “high-value, often multi-jurisdictional, complex civil commercial litigation matters”.

“One of the unique aspects of Maltin PR is that we combine legal and litigation expertise with international reputation management skills, as well as strategic thinking,” he explained.

On current trends in litigation PR, Tim argued that “although court cases are key in bringing out previously confidential information, often following through with media outreach, and even documentaries and dramas is increasingly recognized as a great way to galvanize public opinion and continue to achieve optimum results for your clients.

“For example, class actions require bookbuilding PR, as well as website information hubs and media around the trials and compensation waterfalls, in order that the maximum number of claimants can be garnered, and that public and legal opinion can be managed to ensure optimum compensation for victims.

“As well as assisting clients to build their reputations, we also assist in corporate battles where misinformation needs countering and the truth needs uncovering.”

Discussing the increasingly vital role of digital PR in reputation management and litigation, Tim highlighted how “public opinion can be swayed overnight if media coverage is not handled correctly”. For this reason, “it is important to be first to the microphone.”

On reputation management, Tim explained that “Someone once said that we walk through brick walls for our clients. That is true, but we also make sure that we are being accurate with journalists and that our clients are behaving well, as the best way to have a good reputation is to behave well!”

Tim’s interview was published in Lawdragon, 4 March 2024, and can be found here.

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