Litigation PR

Litigation PR is increasingly important for our clients and we are frequently involved in providing litigation support around High Court proceedings in London.

We fully understand the rules about what can and cannot be said while complex litigation is in progress, and how best to handle your reputation post-judgment. Here, commentators are quick to pass their own judgment and we help our clients to ensure that their message is heard.

Complex litigation is highly nuanced and making your best case often involves saying the right things at the right time – and remaining silent when necessary. We help our clients through this labyrinth and give them an effective communications strategy before, during, and after litigation.

We provide defence PR for criminal litigation, as well as PR support for complex commercial disputes. We help our clients to shape public opinion and to frame arguments within the public discourse so that the points at issue are seen by the media and the judiciary in the most favourable light.

Promoting judgments and class actions

Our work ranges from dealing with the impact of a judgment being handed down or more generally, dealing with clients’ reputation in getting their points across, often without mentioning any names. We can help to contribute to public opinion surrounding an individual client’s issues in how a judgment is received and interpreted.

One growing area of litigation support in which we have experience is class actions as they become more frequent in the UK. Our work in this area can involve getting a media message across to encourage plaintiffs to come forward and be part of group actions. Recently, Maltin has worked on a number of claims against VW over the emissions scandal. Elsewhere, we have been involved in HBOS litigation, RBS litigation, and LIBOR litigation among other high-profile cases. In dealing with such big cases, we deliver very targeted messages to specific audiences.

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Case studies

Most of our litigation support work is highly confidential but we are pleased to highlight a selection of matters below: