This award-winning and internationally recognised firm handles the PR and litigation support aspects of many of the largest cases in the international commercial courts. Recent examples include a £200m litigation against one of the largest banks in the world, the repatriation of funds in a $300m international fraud, a $1.25bn commercial court claim arising from international sanctions, and a politically charged litigation over the return of $2bn in gold.

Maltin PR provides clients with a wide range of PR and litigation support services in order to assist them in delivering their strategic aims throughout litigation. They successfully control narratives, protect reputations and conduct targeted media campaigns on a variety of complex multi-jurisdictional commercial litigations, including those involving international banks, group actions, regulatory and financial prosecutions, and disputes involving high-profile individuals and international corporates.

Maltin PR Litigation PR

Maltin PR is recognised by Chambers and Partners as a leading Litigation Support PR firm:


Clients appreciate the firm for being “very passionate about the cases they take on,” while a lawyer reports that “we were dealing with an organisation that gets badly beaten up in the press. The only firm we have used who have had any traction with this case are Maltin. Not a lot of the vanilla, large PR agencies could handle it.” The agency are also commended for “providing spot-on judgements” on how to engage with activists and agitators surrounding a case.” They are “an extremely talented, tightly knit professional outfit – they really understand the legal market.”


Maltin PR is regularly consulted by legal counsel or directly by corporate and individual clients to gain strategic communications advice. The agency has represented clients in many different jurisdictions including the USA, Ireland, the UK, France, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Tanzania and Cyprus. Maltin is widely recognised among sources for its strong connections across markets.”

Our litigation PR and litigation support services assist solicitors, clients and barristers in complex, high-profile or high-value litigations. We help our clients to shape public opinion and to frame arguments within the public discourse so that the points at issue are properly understood and seen in the most favourable light.

The Firm is a regular contributor to industry publications on Legal and Litigation PR matters, including the Legal 500 Litigation Country Comparative Guide, which recently published our essays on “The role of Litigation PR both outside and inside the courtroom” and “How to integrate legal and PR strategy to optimise litigation results“. Maltin PR is also a regular author of the Overview of Litigation PR for Chambers and Partners, the most recent of which focuses on the importance of maintaining hybrid court hearings post-pandemic and can be read here.

Maltin PR is also listed in Lawdragon’s Global 100 Leaders in Legal Strategy & Consulting as one of the top four Crisis Communications firms in London, and the Firm was recently shortlisted for PR Agency of Year at the CityWealth Brand Management and Reputation Awards 2021.

The firm works effectively to deliver clients’ PR objectives through all stages of the litigation process, working closely with leading solicitors and counsel throughout to facilitate a joined-up strategic approach to litigations. In doing so, it supports clients’ overall legal strategies as well as ultimate communications objectives, ensuring that the bigger picture is not missed in the trenches of the litigation.

Working with publicly available documents such as your particulars of claim, the Firm shapes narratives from the outset and assists with both investigations and evidence gathering. Maltin PR works closely with key journalists, providing them with background briefings and the tools to report on the latest developments in complex and high-value commercial disputes.

The firm maximises exposure where beneficial to clients’ objectives but also ensures that press interest is kept to a minimum when this is desirable. It also assists journalists in focussing on clients’ key themes, mitigating the impact of the other side’s press briefings.

Maltin PR secures results quickly and relishes being brought into complex projects, including those which require lateral thinking and a long-term, strategic approach. The firm is also highly experienced in working with corporate investigation firms, assisting in preparing the strategy, identifying key areas for investigation and promoting the results.

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Litigation Support

  • Litigation reputation risk assessment
  • Media advice on draft pleadings
  • Book-building PR for group action litigations
  • Settlement PR

Group action PR

Maltin PR also has a strong track-record of promoting group actions, and handling the PR around group action litigations. In particular, the firm is expert in developing case studies from among the claimant group and packaging these for the national press and broadcast media. We assist litigation funders and solicitors to launch their claims in the national, broadcast, and specialist trade media, as well as helping with general book-building PR.

We have worked on a number of group actions, including the Emissions Scandal, HBOS litigation, RBS Rights Issue litigation, and LIBOR litigation, among other high-profile cases.

Commercial Intelligence

Commercial intelligence plays an increasingly key role in high-value, and international litigations.

Our network of investigative journalists and forensic accountants creates a powerful research platform to conduct private investigations which support the wider legal and PR strategy and provide important evidence.

Sometimes the other side takes an asymmetric approach to litigation, which the courts are often unprepared for. Our litigation support work ensures that the wider picture is properly communicated in the courtroom and beyond.

Case studies

Most of our litigation PR work is highly confidential but we are pleased to highlight a selection of matters below: