Maltin PR attends McNae’s ‘Essential Law for Journalists’ 26th edition launch event

Senior Partner Arthur Maltin attended the launch of McNae’s ‘Essential Law for Journalists’ 26th edition launch event.

Arthur Maltin speaking with Jonathan Ames, Legal Editor, The Times

McNae’s has been the most succinct authority on media law since its inception 1954. The 26th edition was written by Sian Harrison, law editor at PA Media, and Mark Hanna, senior examiner at National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).

Sian Harrison is the Law Editor of PA Media (formerly the Press Association) and a member of the NCTJ’s Media Law Examinations Board. She is an experienced journalist and court reporter and has been based at the Royal Courts of Justice since 2010.

Mark Hanna is the Senior Examiner of the NCTJ Media Law Examinations Board, and an Emeritus Fellow of the Sheffield University’s Journalism Studies department. Mark is the recipient of the NCTJ’s Chairman’s award for his outstanding contribution to journalism education. He was an award-winning crime and investigations reporter.

Affectionately known simply as McNae’s, this book prevails as journalism’s most succinct authority on media law since its inception in 1954. The new edition captures the essence of this hotly debated and evolving area of law. The authors’ expertise in media reporting and teaching ensures McNae’s is accessible for students and journalists, giving journalists the essentials and encouraging intellectual acuity as the complexities of the law are laid bare.

Arthur Maltin speaking with Jess Glass, High Court Reporter, PA Media

McNae’s practical approach includes features that highlight important information, such as case detail, need-to-know points, and cross references that explore how different elements of the law interact with each other.

Published in partnership with the National Council for the Training of Journalists, McNae’s is an indispensable media law guide that imbues confidence in students and supports and assures journalists undertaking their everyday work.

The new edition includes:

  • New seminal cases covering copyright, defamation and privacy law, including the latest cases brought by Johnny Depp and Meghan Markle
  • New content discussing the emerging importance of media organisations’ legal liability for readers’ postings
  • Explores the new law that enables remote reporting of court cases
  • Covers the latest updates on journalists’ rights to gain access to court case material
  • Expanded coverage of the law of contempt of court
  • Considers judges’ comments on ‘audit trail’ requirements in the Editors’ Code

The launch event, hosted by the NCTJ, was held at Doughty Street Chambers on 20 July, 2022.

A link to purchase the 26th edition of McNae’s can be found here.