Maltin PR ranked as one of the top five agencies in the UK, in Chambers Litigation Support 2020

Chambers Litigation Support 2020Maltin PR has been ranked as one of the top five PR & Communications agencies in the UK, in the Chambers Litigation Support Guide 2020.

Maltin PR is described by clients as being “a smaller and more entrepreneurial firm than some other agencies we’ve used in the past, but the services delivered have been vastly superior. The agency has proven it can successfully craft a litigation media strategy and get coverage across a range of the national, international and legal trade publications.” We are also recognised as “extremely passionate advocates of their clients’ cases, and they tend to take on the trickier, multi-jurisdictional ones.

Maltin PR is recognised by Chambers for being “regularly consulted by legal counsel or directly by corporate and individual clients to provide strategic communications advice. The agency has represented clients in many different jurisdictions including the USA, Ireland, the UK, France, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Tanzania and Cyprus. Maltin is widely recognised among sources for its strong connections across markets.”

Tim Maltin remains in Band 2. Clients described Tim as “exceptional” and a source notes he “manifests a palpable excitement for the cases on which he works, and he has enormous reserves of creative energy. You get the impression that he lives and breathes his cases 24/7.” Another source adds that Tim is  “very fast to make decisions. In the middle of a crisis, we value his ability to take decisions and not be fazed.”

Chambers recognises Tim for having “extensive experience in campaign strategy, reputation management, brand development and litigation public relations.

The firm has also written the Chambers Introduction to UK Litigation PR, A Practical Guide to Litigation PR, which can be found here.

A link to Maltin PR’s profile on the Chambers website can be found here.