Managing Partner Tim Maltin joins historian Dan Snow on his podcast, History Hit, to discuss Captain Scott’s last days in the Antarctic

2023-03-24In the last week of March 1912, Captain Robert Falcon Scott died in his tent in Antarctica, on his failed effort to become the first person to reach the South Pole, having been beaten to the finish line by the Norwegian Roald Amundsen.

Managing Partner Tim Maltin joins Dan Snow to share his research which suggests that something more unusual led to the downfall of the British explorer: thermal inversion. Tim, drawing from his expert knowledge of the Titanic, notes that this is the same meteorological phenomenon which led to the ship colliding with an iceberg two weeks later.

Tim also discusses the rivalry between two great explorers and the similarities and differences between their expeditions, as he takes Dan through the final months of Scott’s expedition and the events leading to his death.

You can listen to the podcast by following the link here.