Our Managing Partner Tim Maltin comments on ‘The power of public relations in law firms’

In an article entitled ‘The power of public relations in law firms: building trust and driving success’, recently published in Solicitors Journal, our Managing Partner Tim Maltin discusses how the right PR strategy can drive success for both law firms and their clients.

Tim notes thata strong PR and communications strategy is vital for curating the perception that those searching for you or your firm will receive, whether they are potential clients, referrers, or lateral hires.

 “Positive media coverage, thought leadership and third-party endorsement shows, at a glance, that your firm holds a strong market position and enhances credibility,” he comments.

Tim concludes that a strong PR strategy “highlights to potential clients that you understand the importance of reputation and the media, which is increasingly important for many that are looking to find legal representation.”

Tim’s comments were published in Solicitors Journal, 23 February 2024, and can be found here.