Corporate PR

Our professionals provide the necessary depth and breadth of expertise to deliver the right message at the right time in any situation to maximise the effectiveness and impact of your PR campaign.

Our corporate PR team knows how to deliver immediate specialist advice – whether you are looking to create a media plan which supports your long-term objectives or you need to deal with an immediate and potentially damaging story and handle the media enquiries appropriately.

Drawing on our considerable experience in supporting corporate clients, we are able to develop and execute the right strategy to help you successfully navigate any PR challenge – from positioning yourself as a thought leader in your sector and building brand awareness to assisting in new service launches and providing crisis communications support when problems arise.

We can help address corporate PR reputational issues to specific audiences, both internal and external, helping support your reputation at times of change, and when you are expanding into new projects or jurisdictions. Our approach goes beyond simple trust scores or customer satisfaction ratings, looking at all the factors shaping your unique corporate reputation and achieving your objectives.

Commercial Intelligence

Maltin PR has an asymmetric approach to corporate PR and reputation management, which sometimes involves the developing of assets to leverage both PR support for its clients and hard-hitting factual attacks against the other side.

Corporate investigations are increasingly used as weapons of war in and Maltin PR’s network of investigative journalists and forensic accountants creates a powerful research platform to conduct corporate or competitive intelligence investigations which promote the wider PR strategy.

Corporate Identity and Design

How you communicate is often as important as what you communicate, and Maltin PR has an in-house design studio which handles all print and digital client messaging, from a new website to a corporate newsletter or annual report.

Our studio designs for corporates and professional services companies and understands appealing to specialist, targeted audiences, as well as supporting the PR team on public interest and stakeholder campaigns. Our integrated approach will help you to place professionally designed communications campaigns to each of your stakeholder groups.

Case studies