Corporate Reputation Management

“They are my immediate and first port of call for any sensitive matter that has a PR or reputation management dimension.”

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Maltin PR is an award-winning reputation management agency based in London, with offices also on the East and West coasts of the United States.

We specialise in helping companies to promote themselves in key markets internationally, as well as to manage their day to day reputations, and handle their crisis communications when required.

Based at Aldwych House in the heart of London, as well as in Washington D.C. and California, our team comprises 35 corporate reputation management experts, including experienced journalists and copywriters.

Maltin PR was founded 15 years ago by Tim Maltin, who is recognised as a ‘Top Flight’ reputation manager in the Spear’s 500 Guide and recently listed as one of the top five Crisis Communications experts in London.

Four of our Partners are ranked in the Spear’s 500 Reputation Managers Index, which showcases the top reputation managers for corporates and High Net Worth Individuals.

Our experienced team of leading communications professionals includes ex-BBC, Press Association and Telegraph journalists, as well as a wealth of dynamic talent and key individuals drawn strategically from specialist corporate communications backgrounds.

We specialise in protecting the reputations and managing the media for companies. As well as working at Board level to advise on media perception, we also work with your marketing teams to assist with your day to day reputation management, as well as social media.

Corporate Reputation Management

“An extremely talented, tightly knit professional outfit.”

Reputation Management

Our reputation management team works closely with corporates and their Boards of Directors to manage their reputations and achieve their objectives.

As well as broadcast, print media and social media, we also achieve clients’ reputation objectives through stakeholder and threat monitoring and influencing.

Ongoing reputation management can include advising how best to target new markets and product areas using key media, as well as handling announcements of new Directors or acquisitions and disposals of other companies.

We also advise corporates around their financial results and when considering flotations, take-privates, and mergers and acquisitions. As well as external comms, we also advise on shaping internal messaging, including to all key stakeholders.

We also monitor market sentiment to identify threats to your business from pressure groups and regulators, as well as researching and being aware of activist investors and competitor activities.

We assist you with planning and organising your communications strategy, including which executives communicate with which stakeholder groups in each territory or globally, including messaging and speechwriting for company town hall addresses.

Reputation Management


We advise clients on whether to be proactive or reactive. Both of these approaches require being ready with our narrative as events unfold, in order to shape the discourse as quickly as possible.

Sometimes not responding to the media can be the right thing to do, but often a well crafted message which strikes the right balance can assist in getting ahead of a story and containing it.

We advise which journalists and thought leaders to engage with on key topics to ensure that your voice is heard in the right context.

Crisis Communications

Corporates and individuals sometimes become embroiled in sudden media storms. These are often international in nature, receiving fresh interest from other jurisdictions due to the global news cycle.

Your reputation can suddenly be in jeopardy, often for things which you did not cause, and sometimes about which you were not aware until you received an inquiry from a journalist.

We help our clients to execute effective PR strategies to manage crisis situations, protect their global reputations, and get their side of the story heard. We are expert in rapidly reading into new matters and preparing a responsive media strategy, and with contacts at all the leading international publications we are well placed to rapidly repair reputations.

We regularly audit corporates for reputation risks and threats from key areas, for example:

Crisis Communications

HR threats

  • Misconduct allegations
  • Dishonesty/theft/missing person
  • Remuneration scandal
  • Equal pay, bonuses
  • Equal opportunities, diversity

Financial threats

  • Irregularities, funds missing
  • Poor or excessive profits

Regulatory threats

  • Investigations
  • Sanctions

Customer service threats

  • Data breach
  • Complaints

Environmental and supply chain threats

  • Pollution/Working for polluters
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Labour exploitation

Media scrutiny

  • Previous scandals
  • Information leaks

External threats

  • Activism/Protests
  • MPs naming and shaming
  • Sector reputational threats


  • Civil litigation Claimant/Defendant
  • Employment tribunals
  • Arbitration

We work with key executives and your in-house communications teams to identify these threats and develop agreed messaging and plans for each scenario, including internal and external briefings, as well as protocols for who to work with in each scenario.

Thought Leadership Campaigns

We handle these for corporates around all topics, using key national, international, broadcast and trade media.

We develop appropriate messaging and agree the most relevant channels for each campaign. For example, some may be through national press thought leadership directly, others may be through briefing third party thought leaders on your point of view and working with these to bring about the changes for which you are advocating.

We also help corporates comment on relevant stories breaking in national and international newspapers and broadcast media, as well as creating thought leadership ad campaigns.

As well as making videos for our campaigns in-house, we also create assets including campaign websites to form the hub of our communications to stakeholders and the international media.

Another effective way to get your message across is through articles in your sector trade press, as well as the client-facing sector publications in which they operate.

By trade publications we mean both client-facing sector publications in the industries in which you operate, as well as key publications read by the stakeholders your messaging is seeking to target.

“Maltin PR are versatile and proactive, and always enthusiastic about taking on a task. They have a good network and grab the attention of major news outlets.”

Thought leadership campaigns

Broadcast media & media training

With previous BBC executives on our team, as well as journalists from the Press Association and other media outlets, we are well placed to prepare clients for media scrutiny around matters of public interest.

With interview preparation and broadcast familiarisation sessions, Maltin PR ensures that clients are able to put their best foot forward when required to appear on broadcast channels at key moments. We also have experience of preparing set-piece speeches for corporate presentations and AGMs, as well as press conferences.

Media monitoring

We monitor the media perception of your company across all markets and countries, providing sentiment analysis and recommendations for reputation management.

We can provide this as regularly as you wish, from quarterly to daily, or even continually during times of crisis.

Media & Open Source Intelligence Analysis

We regularly provide media and open source information audits and analysis for clients. Whether you are a corporate compiling due diligence on a merger target, or require intelligence on a new market or geographic area, it is vital to have an understanding of the wider media landscape to inform your decisions and strategy.

As well as traditional media coverage, we also analyse corporate databases, social media and other open source platforms to inform strategy going forward. Clients also regularly ask us to analyse areas of potential weakness for competitors or counterparties in litigation, and the information that is gathered can then be deployed in the media for optimum effect.

Private Investigations

Whether private investigations to gather intelligence in key areas, or internal investigations, these are an important part of reputation management, which sometimes involve the developing of intelligence assets to leverage both PR support for our clients and hard-hitting factual offensives against competitors. 

Our network of investigative journalists and forensic accountants creates a powerful research platform to conduct private investigations which promote your wider messaging and corporate objectives, as well as handling the communications strategy around them.

“Au fait with international PR challenges, Maltin PR remains unfazed when clients’ reputational struggles play out against tense geopolitical relationships. They recently assisted one central bank in a fraught media campaign, which sought to repatriate 30 tonnes of gold from another central bank.”

Litigation PR

We assist clients to manage their reputations during complex commercial disputes both in the UK and internationally.

Given the open nature of civil courts around the world, whether you are a Claimant or Defendant, we provide specific communications assistance to help you come out on top in these uniquely challenging reputation management situations.

Having an effective public relations campaign both before and during litigation can make the difference between winning and losing high-value matters. It can also help greatly after judgment has been handed down, either to segue to appeal or to communicate your victory optimally.

Often reputational value exceeds matter value, even in multi-million dollar litigations, so understanding reputational risk and reward is as important as understanding legal risk and reward.

Ranked in Band 1 in Chambers for Litigation Support, we have worked on some of the most high profile and complex litigations both in London and internationally over the past 15 years.

Tom Hayes

The Firm will “always take the most direct and sensible approach to further the client’s interests – they’re very focused on the client.”

Public Affairs

Our influence campaigns incorporate public affairs strategies where influencing legislators and public policy is involved.

We help our clients shift the political and regulatory landscape, identifying and addressing potential legislative threats to their businesses.

We engage with the most appropriate All Party Parliamentary Groups, Select Committees, Cabinet Committees as well as officials within Government Departments, and their relevant Special Advisors. We work with senior MPs and their constituents to raise questions in the House and build momentum for our campaigns.

We assist our clients in getting their messages across to politicians and public bodies on both sides of the Atlantic, working with European Union policy makers and think tanks, as well as Senators and US Government Departments where global regulation is concerned.

Corporate Reputation Management brochure

Our corporate reputation management retainers range from £5,000 to £250,000 per month, depending on your requirements. We review our hours and activities with you each quarter, in order to optimise your media performance and communications strategy, and keep within budget.

Our monthly fees are capped to provide you with certainty for budgetary purposes and any additional work is agreed in advance.

To find out more about our Corporate Reputation Management services, please see our Corporate Reputation Management brochure.