Assets for Reputation Management Clients

We are experienced at removing inaccurate content and creating assets under your control and new media reports in order to occupy the first pages of your search engine results.

Many private clients and corporates come to us with specific reputational issues. They may be being attacked in the media, or by an individual, such as a blackmailer or competitor; or they may require reputation rehabilitation following a scandal or information warfare campaign against them, or during and following a hard-fought litigation.

Effective reputation management calls for sound judgement about what to seek to remove and what to push down your search results, and what assets to add.

We create personal websites for clients and additional websites for corporates and their subsidiaries, in order to occupy the first pages of search engines with assets we can Search Engine Optimise, to ensure they rank above any negative coverage.

We also create new social media accounts for our clients and manage these on their behalf, and work with directories and listings to create additional positive search engine results.

Super Bowl Advertisement Creation

We developed and executed a public safety campaign for a US safety advocacy group, campaigning against the reckless deployment of self-driving vehicles on public roads.

For broad reach, our in-house design studio created a Super Bowl commercial which aired to a global audience of millions and garnered more that 400 pieces of international media coverage, as well as a print advertising campaign to amplify our messaging in the New York Times.

As part of our public affairs campaign for our client, we arranged for ride-alongs with key senators, as well as briefings and meetings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, demonstrating that self-driving technology is presently flawed.

Our campaign resulted in hundreds of articles on the topic around the world, and led to the recall of 2 million vehicles from US roads.


We create brands for our corporate clients and their digital assets.

From designing a Senatorial campaign and logo for one of our US clients, to developing personal websites for our High Net Worth reputation management private clients, we handle every aspect of design and video for our clients and their campaigns.