Influence Campaigns

“Maltin is widely recognised among sources for its strong connections across markets.”


Our influence campaigns incorporate public relations and strategic communications, marketing, public affairs, as well as design to successfully communicate narratives to global audiences.

We help our clients shift public perception and the political landscape, to effectively advocate for change across multiple industries and also regulatory landscapes.

In terms of the media, we work with third party voices to provide thought leadership to advocate for the changes our clients are seeking.

As well as national and international press campaigns, we also work with broadcasters and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, to bring about legislative and regulatory change.

We assist our clients in getting their messages across to politicians and public bodies on both sides of the Atlantic, working with European Union policy makers and think tanks, as well as Senators and US Government Departments where global regulation is concerned.

Our influence campaigns change perceptions around individuals, corporates and matters of public interest.

Campaign in defence of Legal Professional Privilege

We were retained by a global law firm to champion the sanctity of Legal Professional Privilege. 

Working with third party voices and thought leaders throughout the legal industry, as well as with key journalists, we changed the narrative and regulatory sentiment about this important right.

Campaign to expose State-sponsored hacking

We were retained by a US aviation magnate to provide strategic international PR support in relation to his litigations on both sides of the Atlantic, against a major international law firm and a UAE state accused of hacking.

Working closely with national and international media, we secured the publication of a series of articles focusing on different aspects of the case. We have also worked with key investigative journalists to expose the illegal activities of the hackers.

In the UK, our litigation PR work culminated in March 2024, when our client’s name was finally cleared by the High Court, who ordered that the case against our client be set aside, and that his accusers must pay costs and damages of several million pounds.

In the US, we continue to support our client in his Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act claim against his alleged hackers.

Global public safety campaign

We developed and executed a public safety campaign for a US safety advocacy group, campaigning against the reckless deployment of self-driving vehicles on public roads.

For broad reach, our in-house design studio created a Super Bowl commercial which aired to a global audience of millions and garnered more that 400 pieces of international media coverage, as well as a print advertising campaign to amplify our messaging in the New York Times.

As part of our public affairs campaign for our client, we arranged for ride-alongs with key senators, as well as briefings and meetings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, demonstrating that self-driving technology is presently flawed.

Our campaign resulted in hundreds of articles on the topic around the world, and led to the recall of 2 million vehicles from US roads.

Campaign to overturn wrongful conviction

As part of our pro-bono campaign to overturn the conviction of Tom Hayes for alleged LIBOR benchmark manipulation, we worked with MPs on both sides of the House.

We explained to them about Tom’s situation and arranged meetings with them and our client.

As a result of our influence campaign, questions were asked in the House about why Tom was scapegoated for the banking crisis.

We also organised an international press conference ahead of Tom’s appeal. As well as being attended by journalists from all over the world, politicians from both sides of the House addressed the media in support of Tom’s case.

We are delighted that the Court of Appeal has now certified points of law for Tom to take his case to the Supreme Court. We continue to handle Tom’s further media and public affairs liaison for this landmark case.

Tom Hayes