“The Firm will “always take the most direct and sensible approach to further the client’s interests – they’re very focused on the client.”


In creating and implementing reputation management and influence campaigns for clients, information is a key asset.

Our in-house team undertakes desktop investigations into corporate entities and their related networks and directors using intelligence software and international corporate databases, together with court listings and case archives.

Understanding these relationships informs narratives and assists with campaigns and litigations.

We then work with our network of investigative journalists to create powerful news stories which reveal the truth about our client’s competitors and legal adversaries.


Hacking Investigation

A client came to us who had been hacked, and whose private information had been published on the internet and in the media by his hackers in an attempt to smear his reputation. 

Working closely with a major international news outlet, we researched whistleblower data and matched this with native spear-phishing emails received by our client and their associates as part of a hack-and-leak smear campaign.

Our investigations led to identifying the hack-for-hire firm which carried out the email hacking, as well as the hackers themselves, and those agents who instructed them.

As a result of our investigation, our client received a multi-million pound settlement in the UK High Court, the first time that a state-hacking campaign has been fully exposed.

In the US, we continue to support our client in his Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act claim against his alleged hackers.

Exposing Blackmail Campaign

One of our clients was being blackmailed by a fraudster, including erecting posters in several locations around Central London, wrongfully accusing them of breaching sanctions. 

These posters were photographed by the blackmailer and sent to the press, before being removed by the blackmailer. We began by successfully removing these articles, by pointing out that the organisation purporting to have placed the posters was fake, and that their tip-off had come from a Proton Mail account, and that those emails were signed by one of the established aliases of the fraudster.

Having removed the damaging articles, we then set about to prove who had erected the damaging posters.

Using nothing other than an image of the poster and the lamp post to which it had been affixed, which was provided to us by a journalist, our in-house team used Google Maps and Street View to identify the particular lamp post and its exact location.

We then worked with nearby shops to secure CCTV footage which showed the blackmailer in the act of driving up to the lamp post, affixing the poster, photographing it, and taking it down again.

This evidence was later used in court filings.

Investigating Fake News Campaign

One of our clients was the victim of a well orchestrated fake-news campaign against him. 

We analysed the timings and publications used to disseminate the fake news and also researched the journalists bylining the articles.

We found that these were false names and avatars, selected by our client’s adversaries to create the impression that real journalists were writing against our client.

The plot also involved a fake book, which was advertised on Amazon.

We were able to expose the extent of the fake news campaign and bring this to the attention of the court.

The perpertrators of the campaign have now settled with our client and have undertaken to assist us with removing the negative articles they manufactured.