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Today high-value, complex, hard-fought international litigation is both very expensive and very uncertain as to the outcome.

Enormous resources are marshalled to tip the scales of justice a few percentage points.

Having an effective public relations campaign both before and during litigation can make the difference between winning and losing high-value matters. It can also help greatly after judgment has been handed down, either to segue to appeal or to communicate your victory optimally.

Often reputational value exceeds matter value, even in multi-million dollar litigations, so understanding reputational risk and reward is as important as understanding legal risk and reward.

Ranked in Band 1 in Chambers for Litigation Support, we have worked on some of the most high profile and complex litigations both in London and internationally in the past 15 years. We assist clients in complex commercial disputes both in the UK and internationally.

We work closely with clients and also with their legal teams, assisting with litigation strategy from a reputation perspective, often over several years during the lifecycle of the case.

We also assist clients in bringing important information into the public domain, as well as investigating key aspects of their cases. We help clients to bring important information into the public domain, as well as investigating key aspects of their cases.

As well as high-value commercial litigations, we are also experienced in bookbuilding for high-profile group action litigations.

Clients also come to us for settlement PR, where our media pressure can shorten the life of a hard-fought litigation.

We have worked on a number of high-profile cases.

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Tom Hayes

Alleged manipulation of Libor Benchmark

In 2015 Tom Hayes, the former UBS and Citi Bank derivative trader, was convicted of allegedly rigging Libor and was handed a 14-year sentence.

We began working for Tom in 2016 and have tirelessly raised his profile in the media, assisting with his referral to the Court of Appeal where his appeal against conviction was recently heard.

Tom’s initial sentence, reduced on appeal to 11 years, resulted in him serving almost six years in prison. In a bid to overturn his conviction, we assisted Tom in securing a groundswell of support in the U.K. and international media, to exert pressure on the Criminal Cases Review Commission to refer the case back to the Court of Appeal for their consideration.

The CCRC, having initially rejected his application, recently agreed to make the referral back to the Court of Appeal. In large part the decision was driven by the media pressure of our campaign and the recent U.S. Appeal Court Ruling in the case of Deutsche Bank traders Matthew Connelly and Gavin Black. The decision in their case led to all convictions in the USA, including guilty pleas, being overturned due to the flawed theory of law employed. Tom’s 10 count U.S. indictment was also dismissed.

Tom is now a free man in the US and his third appeal was recently heard by the Royal Courts of Justice in the U.K. in March 2024.

Amongst many other things we arranged a pre-trial international press conference ahead of the hearing and ensured the appeal was widely covered in the U.K. and international media. Tom’s case has been covered in print, online on the radio and on television.

We are delighted that the Court of Appeal has certified points of law for Tom to take his case to the Supreme Court. We continue to handle Tom’s further media liaison for this important case and all related actions.

Group Action Litigation against Royal Bank of Scotland

We worked with the largest Claimant group in the RBS Rights Issue group action litigation. Following significant publicity, we secured 82p per share for our Claimant group, double the amount that was secured by any other Claimant group.

This was the largest group action litigation in UK history at the time, with the Royal Bank of Scotland settling for £800m.

This case was particularly complex, because we had to deal with media attacks from a previous manager of the Action Group. Working closely with the Mail on Sunday, we exposed the previous wrongdoings of this individual.

We also handled the PR around the compensation waterfall.

Bookbuild campaign for Mercedes emissions scandal campaign

We were approached by litigation funders and group action solicitors Slater & Gordon to create a bookbuilding publicity campaign to sign up claimants for their Mercedes emissions group action. Our PR campaign featured both national and regional media, including television and radio.

We developed case studies in many regions, as well as London, and showcased these in national and local press in order to achieve the client’s objectives.

International litigation PR to repatriate $2bn of gold

We were contacted by the law firm for a major international central bank, Banco Central de Venezuela.

Working closely with the solicitors for the client, as well as the President of the Bank, we managed the press narrative for this complex claim from the U.K. High Court through to the Supreme Court.

The claim was around the repatriation of two tonnes of gold from the Bank of England to South America.

Our PR navigated international geopolitical tensions between the U.S., U.K. and Venezuela, as well as handling novel points of law.

Litigation strategy and PR support for aviation magnate

We were contacted by Farhad Azima, an American aviation magnate, to provide strategic international PR support in relation to his litigation in both the U.K. and U.S., which involved multiple parties, namely international law firm Dechert, and RAKIA, a sovereign wealth fund.

For several years we have been a key component of the legal team, advising on media strategy, investigations, and logistical matters.

Working closely with national and international media , we secured the publication of a series of articles focusing on different aspects of the case. We have also worked with key investigative journalists on exposing the nefarious activities of the other parties acting against our client. We have also provided support to the client on a number of U.S. litigations brought in relation to the U.K. case. Our U.K. litigation PR work culminated in March 2024, when our client’s name was finally cleared by the High Court, who ordered that the case against our client be set aside, and that his accusers must pay costs of several million pounds. We are continuing to support Mr Azima in his Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act claim against RAKIA and Dechert in New York.

Litigation PR Support for landmark judgment in favour of celebrity client

We were approached by the legal team of international musician, Ed Sheeran, to provide media relations support  around the landmark ‘Shape of You’ copyright judgment in the UK High Court.

Working closely with the legal team, we prepared a comprehensive strategy that involved preparation of comments from the legal team in advance of hand-down for a variety of possible results, to be rapidly amended based on the content of the final judgment.

We secured several national press articles carrying comments and interviews from the legal team discussing the importance of the judgment.

PR support surrounding the biggest miscarriage of justice in UK history

We were recently approached by Freeths LLP to publicise their successful representation of the 555 sub-postmasters who won the first group litigation against the Post Office in 2019. The biggest miscarriage of justice in UK history, the sub-postmaster scandal was soon to be televised in the ITV drama Mr Bates v The Post Office.

The show was watched by an average of ten million viewers per episode and sparked a national debate in the Post Office/Horizon IT scandal, with the story leading every major news outlet for a week and resulting in the government introducing legislation to overturn the convictions of sub-postmasters.

Working directly with the lead partner and the firm’s PR team, we secured a broad spread of print, online, TV and radio press coverage across the national media, harnessing the topical hook of the forthcoming ITV drama to secure several pieces of standout media coverage.

Settlement PR against Formula 1 and billionaire owner

We were approached by a hedge fund in a rights dispute with Formula One. The fund was keen to get compensation but did not have the stomach for a lengthy legal battle with Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One Group CEO at the time.

We therefore took the unusual step of promoting the fund’s Letter Before Action to F1, grabbing a significant amount of headlines around the first Case Management Conference. This demonstrated to F1 how our client’s case was going to play in the media throughout the litigation, and F1 settled out of court for an undisclosed multi-million pound sum.

Litigation PR & reputation management for international shipbuilder in $2bn fraud and corruption dispute

We were approached by the legal team advising international shipbuilder Privinvest and its billionaire owner to advise in relation to its defence in the high-profile $2bn claim brought by the Republic of Mozambique against it and several international banks, which arose out of an infrastructure financing project in the country, which is now known as the “hidden debts scandal”.

Our work has sought to preserve the reputations of Privinvest and its owner in the media throughout the litigation, which is ongoing, and most recently, we advised Privinvest on the best way to communicate their settlement with Credit Suisse to the media. We have also assisted Privinvest in responding to media inquiries around the trial, earlier hearings and subsequent judgments.

Litigation PR and trial support in fraud dispute with Swiss bank

We were approached by a hedge fund in a $100m banking litigation with Credit Suisse in relation to residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) in the 2008 financial crash. The lawsuit centred on allegations of fraud concerning RMBS and we were retained in the week prior to the trial.

We provided media support both ahead of the trial and during the hearings, securing coverage in Bloomberg, the Financial Times, and Reuters, among others.

We also provided assistance during the first week of trial, managing document requests from journalists attending the hearing.

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