Private Client Reputation Management

“Known for a forensic focus and dynamic nature, Maltin PR guides HNWs on pressing reputational issues.”

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Maltin PR is an award-winning reputation management agency based in London, with offices on the East and West coasts of the United States. 

We specialise in helping high net worth individuals and family offices manage their profiles, especially when they find themselves under fire from the media or business adversaries. We also help protect and restore their reputations following information warfare campaigns or adverse litigation.

Based at Aldwych House in the heart of London, and with offices in Washington D.C. and California, our team includes leading reputation management experts, with experience in digital and print media, as well as the law around defamation and Right to be Forgotten.

Maltin PR was founded 15 years ago by Tim Maltin, who is recognised as a ‘Top Flight’ reputation manager in the Spear’s 500 Guide and recently listed as one of the top five Crisis Communications experts in London.

Four of our Partners are also ranked in the Spear’s 500 Reputation Managers Index, which showcases the top reputation managers for high net worth individuals and corporates.

Our experienced team of leading communications professionals includes ex-BBC, Fleet Street and Press Association journalists, as well as a wealth of dynamic talent and key individuals drawn strategically from journalism and marketing and communications backgrounds.

We specialise in protecting the reputations and managing the media for private clients and their family offices, as well as their corporates.

We specialise in helping high net worth individuals and family offices manage their profiles, especially when they find themselves under fire from the media or business adversaries.

“Maltin tackle the most sensitive and difficult cases, clients praise their speed and state that they always seek to tease out the ‘optimum story arc’ for clients.”

Private Client Reputation Management

Today news lives forever online, and is easily searchable, including by banks, regulators and competitors.

It has never been more important to ensure that search results for your name are positive, and that inaccurate or misleading information is removed.

Negative search results should be superseded by positive media reports and assets under your control, such as your personal website, social media and philanthropic work.

We are experienced at removing inaccurate content and creating assets under your control and new media reports in order to occupy the first pages of your search engine results.

Many private clients come to us with specific reputational issues. They may be being attacked in the media, or by an individual, such as a blackmailer or competitor; or they may require reputation rehabilitation following a scandal or information warfare campaign against them, or during and following a hard-fought litigation.

Alternatively, private clients may require a reputation campaign against another individual or company, or to expose wrongdoing on the part of another.

Effective reputation management calls for sound judgement about what to seek to remove and what to push down your search results, and what assets to add.

“Drawing on a wide network of journalists and media contacts scattered throughout the industry, Maltin uses a scientific lens to disseminate media truths – often, their clients’ reputational struggles require in-depth analytical work to ascertain the sources of falsehoods. Fundamentally, for Maltin, their focus is about getting the ‘right narratives’ out into the ether.”

Today news lives forever online, and is easily searchable, including by banks, regulators and competitors.

Crisis Communications

During crises, we advise clients on when to engage and how and what to say, and to whom, and by which channels and methods. Sometimes a reaction is counterproductive; at other times, a delayed reaction can prove very costly.

We help our private client and their family offices to execute effective PR strategies to manage crisis situations and protect their global reputations, and get their side of the story heard. We are expert in rapidly reading into new situations and preparing the optimum communications strategy. With contacts at all the leading international publications, we are well placed to rapidly repair reputations.

We work with our clients and their advisers to identify and understand reputation threats and attacks, and develop effective communications strategies to combat these.

Right to be forgotten

Following the European Court of Justice decision that people have a “right to be forgotten”, we regularly apply to search engines on behalf of private clients. This legislation allows us to remove links to articles which are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant”. We are experienced in making successful applications under the right to be forgotten legislation.

The right to be forgotten is likely to be approved providing its application is balanced against fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression and the freedom of the media.

We craft carefully worded statements, which establish beyond doubt that a webpage’s content is unlawful, inaccurate, or outdated.

Right to be Forgotten does not delete information from the publisher’s website, but it does make it practicably impossible to find and only results obtained from searches made on the basis of a person’s name will be removed from the search engine’s index, not from the search engine’s entire portfolio of indexes. This means the information will still be obtainable through other ‘keyword’ searches, or by direct access to the publisher’s original source. This is because search engines are legally classified as ‘controllers of personal data’ under EU data privacy laws, not ‘media’, and so do not benefit from the various protections and exemptions provided for journalistic work.

Right To Be Forgotten

“Au fait with international PR challenges, Maltin PR remains unfazed when clients’ reputational struggles play out against tense geopolitical relationships.”

Broadcast media & media training

With previous BBC executives on our team, as well as journalists from the Press Association and freelance journalists from other media outlets, we are well placed to prepare clients for media scrutiny.

With interview preparation and broadcast familiarisation sessions, Maltin PR ensures our clients are able perform well when required to appear on broadcast media or at public inquiries and press conferences.


Media monitoring

We monitor your reputation globally, providing analysis and recommendations for reputation management in each territory, and according to the types of publications involved.

Media & Open Source Intelligence Analysis

We regularly provide our private clients with media and open source information audits and analysis. Whether you are compiling due diligence on a competitor or other target, it is vital to have an understanding of the wider media landscape to inform your decisions and strategy, as well as understanding the media networks and tactics deployed by your adversaries.

We also utilise legal and company databases, social media and other open source tools to inform our communications strategies and campaigns for private clients.

Private Investigations

In reputation warfare, it is very important to know your adversary and their reputational weak points and sensitivities. We conduct investigations for our private clients to gather intelligence in key areas.

“Maltin PR are versatile and proactive, and always enthusiastic about taking on a task. They have a good network and grab the attention of major news outlets.”

Litigation PR

We also assist our private clients to manage their reputations during complex commercial disputes, both in the UK and internationally.

Given the open nature of civil courts around the world, whether you are a Claimant or Defendant, we provide specific communications assistance to help you come out on top in these uniquely challenging reputation management situations.

Having an effective public relations campaign both before and during litigation can make the difference between winning and losing high-value matters. It can also help greatly after judgment has been handed down, either to segue to appeal or to communicate your victory optimally.

During litigations we assist our clients to defend against attacks from the other side, and also to highlight our clients’ key pieces of evidence in their favour, as soon as they become public.

Often reputational value exceeds matter value, even in multi-million dollar litigations, so understanding reputational risk and reward is as important as understanding legal risk and reward.

Ranked in Band 1 in Chambers for Litigation Support, we have worked on some of the most high profile and complex litigations both in London and internationally over the past 15 years.

Tom Hayes

“Maltin PR is known for their forensic focus and dynamic nature, guiding HNWs on pressing reputational issues.”

Public Affairs

We design and implement public affairs campaigns for high net worth individuals and their family offices and companies, putting journalists, politicians and thought leaders together to create public interest campaigns which support our clients’ objectives.

Clients may wish to influence regulators or make submissions to government regarding regulatory reform. We work with the right influencers in government and the Civil Service, as well as thought leaders, in order to assist our clients with getting their messages heard at the highest levels of government, and in the right way.

We engage with the most appropriate All Party Parliamentary Groups, Select Committees, Cabinet Committees as well as officials within Government Departments, and their relevant Special Advisors. We work with senior MPs and their constituents to raise questions in the House and build momentum for our campaigns.

We assist our clients in getting their messages across to politicians and public bodies on both sides of the Atlantic, working with European Union policy makers and think tanks, as well as Senators and US Government Departments where global regulation is concerned.

“Au fait with international PR challenges, Maltin PR remains unfazed when clients’ reputational struggles play out against tense geopolitical relationships. They recently assisted one central bank in a fraught media campaign, which sought to repatriate 30 tonnes of gold from another central bank.”

Private Client Reputation Management brochure

Our high net worth private client and family office reputation management retainers range from £5,000 to £250,000 per month, depending on your requirements. We review our hours and activities with you each quarter, in order to optimise your reputation and communications strategy, and keep within budget.

Our monthly fees are capped to provide you with certainty for budgetary purposes and any additional work during crisis periods is agreed in advance.

To find out more about our Private Client Reputation Management services, please see our Private Client Reputation Management brochure.