Public Affairs

“Au fait with international PR challenges, Maltin PR remains unfazed when clients’ reputational struggles play out against tense geopolitical relationships.”


Our influence campaigns incorporate public affairs strategies where influencing legislators and public policy is required.

We help our clients shift the political and regulatory landscape, identifying and addressing potential legislative threats to their businesses.

We engage with the most appropriate All Party Parliamentary Groups, Select Committees, Cabinet Committees as well as officials within Government Departments, and their relevant Special Advisors. We work with senior MPs and their constituents to raise questions in the House and build momentum for our campaigns.

We assist our clients in getting their messages across to politicians and public bodies on both sides of the Atlantic, working with European Union policy makers and think tanks, as well as Senators and US Government Departments where global regulation is concerned.

LIBOR Benchmark Manipulation Case

As part of our campaign to overturn the conviction of Tom Hayes for alleged LIBOR benchmark manipulation, we worked with MPs on both sides of the House. 

We explained to them about Tom’s situation and arranged meetings with them and our client.

As a result of our influence campaign, questions were asked in the House about why Tom was scapegoated for the banking crisis.

We also organised an international press conference ahead of Tom’s appeal. As well as being attended by journalists from all over the world, politicians from both sides of the House addressed the media in support of Tom’s case.

We are delighted that the Court of Appeal has now certified points of law for Tom to take his case to the Supreme Court. We continue to handle Tom’s further media and public affairs liaison for this landmark case.

Public Safety Campaign

We created and ran a global public safety campaign from our US offices, highlighting the dangers of self-driving vehicles. 

As part of our campaign, we arranged for ride-alongs with key senators, as well as briefings and meetings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, demonstrating that the technology is presently flawed.

This led to the recall of 2 million vehicles from US roads, and garnered several articles, including key pieces in the Washington Post and POLITICO.

For broad reach, our in-house design studio created a Super Bowl commercial which aired to a global audience of millions and garnered more that 400 pieces of international media coverage.

Our campaign changed the way the US thinks about self-driving vehicles.

Exposing Group Action Fraudster

We worked with an MP to expose in Parliament the activities of a fraudulent claims management director who was accused of defrauding shareholders in the landmark RBS Rights Issue Litigation.

We worked with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking to explain the ongoing and historic fraud against Royal Bank of Scotland shareholders and our investigative work to expose this, working alongside the Mail on Sunday in a year-long newspaper campaign to highlight the wrongdoing.

As a result of work, questions were raised in Parliament exposing the individual’s activities and rebuking the Ministry of Justice for “doing nothing” to investigate him and his company.

Our Public Affairs team is led by Adrian Pepper.

Adrian has been advising on public policy and external communications for over three decades to corporations, pressure groups, trade bodies, government bodies, third sector organisations and individuals.

Adrian has designed and managed integrated campaigns, deploying a wide range of skills from opinion research to reputation management, political campaigning, media relations and crisis handling.

Adrian has a strong record of service to major news organisations, company chief executives and leading global statesmen. He began his career in political research, followed by spells in the City and Whitehall. He has led communications campaigns for global corporations, governments and religious organisations.

Highlights include advising the Catholic Church on the visit of Pope Benedict to the UK, working with Nelson Mandela, and negotiating the release of a British detainee from Gaza.

Adrian Pepper