Social Media & Digital PR

Our clients recognise the revolution that has recently occurred in digital communications. In response, we help them expand the way they communicate, collaborate and engage with their clients and potential clients.

To seize the opportunity, clients need to be committed to online communication; maximising the reward from social media is central to that commitment: instant messaging, video conferencing, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as other relevant platforms for internal and external corporate communication.

To improve internal communications, and be more creative and engaging with external clients, social media should be integral to your PR strategy. Internally, this will involve collating best practice resources, tip sheets, videos, how-to guides and training documentation then engendering cultural change to get them adopted. Externally, an effective social media programme will make you more visible in your market. For example, Twitter is a great tool to raise your profile to journalists and specific target clients.

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From developing legal blogs targeted at specialised audiences, to engaging influencers on Twitter, Maltin PR can devise and implement a social media engagement plan that transforms your organisation’s online presence.

Client engagement

Acknowledging its continual evolution, we also encourage and assist our clients in deploying the latest technology – as part of a constructive approach to client engagement. We can help you deliver more effective communication and increase your social media profile by improving the scope and scale of your online footprint through new media. To supplement this, we can provide practical guidance on better use of established online media, such as YouTube. All these tools provide good opportunities for search engine optimisation, and additional positive real estate on Google searches for your name and company name.

We also monitor your social media presence online, as well as traffic volumes to your website, and share this with you in a monthly report. Effective monitoring affords valuable insight, allowing for better targeting of potential clients and driving additional traffic to your website.

Used intelligently, social media is an important tool in your overall online strategy. But on occasion, it can be detrimental – notably where (often anonymous) commentators post critical comments about you or your business. In this context, we mitigate the effect by managing your online reputation and reshaping what appears about you in a Google search by utilising positive traditional media and social media articles, posts and entries.

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