James Lynch

Account Director

Email: james@maltinpr.com

LinkedIn: James Lynch

James Lynch is a very experienced litigation PR expert. He is quick to spot the optimum story arc for the client and journalists.

Most comfortable with complex international and multi-jurisdictional cases, James deals with some of the Firm’s most high profile cases.

For example, he recently managed a media campaign on behalf of a central bank to assist with the return of more than thirty tonnes of gold from another central bank.

The campaign involved geopolitical tensions which James navigated and utilised to his clients’ advantage.

James’ experience includes advising clients on effectively communicating their messaging throughout complex litigation, as well as managing large international press liaison.

His particular skills include rapidly analysing complex court documents in crisis situations, and quickly providing a media strategy to maximise positive coverage for clients.

James is also outstanding at researching background on cases, providing new angles to interest the press and amplifying the clients’ side of the story.

Journalists value James for his detailed and reliable background notes on complex stories.