Honeycomb Forensic Accounting

Honeycomb is a forensic accountancy who required a rebrand that reflected the clear, straightforward advice they offer their professional clients.

The new brand was rolled out across a website that was simple to navigate and visually elegant, as well as a wide range of print collateral that served as embodiments of this ideal. The use the Honeycomb model served as a consistent visual trademark as well as an effective decorative element. This style is evident across:

  • Contemporary branding and iconographic logo design
  • An easily-navigable, responsive website
  • A full suite of stationery and printed materials
  • Collateral and event materials
  • Branded video interviews

Usage of the honeycomb aesthetic has been a great tool for maintaining a consistent and playful visual style and we look forward to working with Honeycomb in the future.

Work to date

Branding  |  Website  |  Stationery  | Collateral  |  Event materials