Press Screening of The Duke

Thanks to Pathé for inviting us and an audience of BBC journalists to a pre-release screening of The Duke, the critically acclaimed film co-written by former BBC Legal Correspondent and Maltin PR Senior Partner, Clive Coleman.

Held in the wonderful and historic Regent Street Cinema, Clive greeted the packed theatre with a speech on the film, including a poignant tribute to its late director, the great Roger Michell. We would like to extend our thanks to both Clive and Pathé for a spectacular evening.

The Duke, which has attracted an extremely positive critical reception around the world, is a delightful blend of humour and fabulous acting, brought together by an excellent screenplay which was both moving and entertaining. We enjoyed the humorous and thought-provoking take on a true legal story, as well as the unrivalled performances of its star-studded cast, especially the outstanding performances of Jim Broadbent and Dame Helen Mirren.

The Duke tells the true story of the theft of a Goya masterpiece, the Portrait of the Duke of Wellington, by an altogether unexpected thief. It follows Newcastle pensioner Kempton Bunton in his struggle to draw attention to the plight of Britain’s elderly in the early 1960s, and his dramatic methods of publicising his campaign.

The Duke has received rave reviews. The Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Express, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph all gave it five stars. The Spectator called it ‘perfection’ and the Law Society Gazette lauded its depiction of courtroom drama. The critics praised its blend of comedy and heartfelt emotion. The Los Angeles Times lauded the film’s “gravity” and commended the depth and quality of its story.

The Duke was released in cinemas on 25 February and we thoroughly recommend it.

It’s a film which brings a tear to the eye and puts a song in your heart!