Reputation Management

Your reputation and that of your business took a long time to establish: the product of much hard work. And yet it can be lost easily through one or more actions which result in adverse publicity.

Sometimes this can take the form of the media pack descending on your home or office and doorstepping you, at other times this could be as simple as dealing with an online troll who is posting content which is damaging your reputation.

Being proactive requires monitoring your online public reputation on a regular basis, and not just when you discover a specific problem. Because adverse online content can impact upon perceptions of competence and trust, affecting business and sales as well as key relationships and personal wellbeing, we can help shape the online footprint of a person or organisation by influencing what appears about them in a Google search.

Today media content lives forever online, and most referrals lead to a Google search. As a result, clients come to us with specific reputational problems. We provide reputation management services that go well beyond media and social media monitoring.

Positive content

We make sure that when someone googles your name, everything about you that is complimentary comes up first so that your clients and potential clients looking at your Google search results understand that you are a thought leader in your area of expertise. By creating positive content, we push any negative content off the front pages of search engines.

Following the European Court of Justice decision that people have a “right to be forgotten”, we can also apply to Google on your behalf. This allows you to have links to articles about you expunged so that Google has to delete “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” links. We are experienced in making successful applications under the right to be forgotten legislation.

Effective reputation management calls for judgment in how to respond to negative online comment – whether to react, and if so, when. Sometimes a reaction is unnecessary; at other times, a delayed reaction can prove very costly. We can put good news stories out there about you, and get them published, to counteract negative stories. This pushes the bad news off the top search results on page 1 of a Google search, after which there is a big cliff edge, as those who click on subsequent search result pages drop off dramatically.

Case Studies