Tim Maltin comments on reputation management in The In House Lawyer

Maltin - TMChief Executive Tim Maltin comments in the Spring 2019 issue of The In House Lawyer, in relation to reputation management and how crucial it is to protect your image in the digital age.

The full article featuring Tim Maltin’s comments can be read here.

“Reputation management is now all about your digital footprint,’ says Tim Maltin, chief executive of Maltin PR. ‘Gone are the days when articles were fish-and-chip paper the next day – now your online reputation can live forever. But there are new tools available such as the Right to be Forgotten.’

How then is an effective reputation management strategy developed? Maltin adds that sometimes pure PR advice can be at odds with continual legal advice, but this is only a problem when the two teams do not trust each other one hundred per cent. ‘The key is to build understanding so that the legal and PR teams understand the strategic, communications and legal objectives equally well.”

The Spring 2019 issue of The In House Lawyer looks at how, in controlling and protecting their reputations, the internet and social media have made online information critical in determining how individuals and companies are perceived. The old phrase ‘bad news travels fast’ resonates in the modern age. Simultaneously, as the law tries to keep pace with technology through developments in defamation, privacy and data protection, reputation management has become embedded in corporate strategy.