Tim Maltin featured in Edward Fennell’s Legal Diary

Maltin - TMA poem written by Chief Executive Tim Maltin has been featured in the newly launched Legal Diary, written by The Times’ former legal correspondent, Edward Fennell.

The Legal Diary is published weekly and covers news, events, launches and appointments from across the legal sector.

Tim’s feature was published on 9 April 2020 and can be found here.

Words Worth Creatives

By saving time on the commute lawyers and many others who are part of the wider legal industry are re-engaging with their creative talents in music, painting and poetry. PR maestro Tim Maltin, the boss of Maltin PR (which acts for many London law firms and is a dab hand at litigation PR in particular) has been drawing inspiration from his home area near the famous ‘White Horse’ in Wiltshire and the skylarks who circle around it. Here’s an extract from his poetic response

Skylarks above the White Horse by Tim Maltin

High above this ancient land,
Hewn by nature and by man,
Your song’s the crowning glory,
Blissful from wing’ed storey.
Raining from the blue above,
Ecstasies of death and love,
You celebrate life in rhyme,
Freeing us from mortal time!
Through your songs we live again,
Memories that time had slain;
Thoughts take flight to far away
Rememberings of yesterday.
Listen carefully old and young,
To the skylarks’ plaintive song,
For in their chirruping call,
Can be heard the Lord of all.