Tim Maltin interviewed by BBC News about celebrity reputation management

Managing Partner Tim Maltin interviewed by BBC News on the reputational issues faced by celebrities.

The example in this recent article on BBC News is Katie Price, with Tim noting that while recent financial and legal difficulties have negatively impacted her public image, there is always scope to repair a damaged reputation with the right strategy:

“The best way to have a good reputation is to behave well,” says Tim Maltin, a specialist in reputation management and chief executive of Maltin PR.

“And I think some of the things that have caused Katie Price’s popularity to come off its peak, which started I think when she split from Peter Andre, are things like the drink-driving, which is endangering the public and endangering herself.

“Part of her brand has been the slightly chaotic nature of her life – but equally, if she wants to become more popular, then she should think about her fans and what she stands for.

“And there are a lot of positives in what she stands for – being a strong independent woman, being a good mother to her disabled son, being an entrepreneurial woman, being someone who’s come from quite a difficult background who’s done well for herself.”

In the fast-moving world of celebrity, it can be hard to hold on to your popularity for a sustained length of time. But Maltin says there is a way back into the public’s heart for Price.

“The British public loves to forgive,” he says. “If you look at Elton John, for example, he’s been through so many ups and downs and he’s still a much loved and respected figure.”

The entertainment world loves a comeback story and Price could write off her difficult few years as a necessary step on her journey. “People like a narrative arc,” Maltin says. “They actually like to see their heroes trip and fall.”

Tim’s comments were published on 24 June 2022. The full article can be accessed here.