Tim Maltin interviewed by Lawdragon

Maltin - TMOur Chief Executive, Tim Maltin, has been interviewed by Lawdragon in relation to Maltin PR’s legal PR and litigation support practices, as well as trends in the industry.

“As Lawdragon expanded our research on the best legal consultants past America’s borders, Tim Maltin quickly landed on the short-list for UK-based public relations advisors. Maltin PR has earned a stellar reputation in developing and managing communications strategies for law firms with a particular strength in handling PR tied to litigation. Maltin says that lawyers engaged in litigation can maximize the benefit of outside advisors by integrating them into the broader legal strategy to prevent the different components from falling into silos.

Lawdragon: What type of services does Maltin PR provide to clients?

Tim Maltin: My firm and I work across the legal industry, from solicitors, attorneys and barristers through to litigation funders and, ultimately, the individuals and corporates bringing proceedings. As well as our day-to-day PR support for law firms and other professional services providers, we specialize in providing litigation support on high-value, often multi-jurisdictional, civil commercial matters.

We regularly work with leading counsel to provide an integrated PR strategy that manages the reputational risks inherent in any litigation while also maximizing the impact of the client’s legal case in the media. The matters we handle vary in quantum, but invariably they have serious implications for the client which necessitates a careful and considered approach to the media that works to support their litigation strategy.”

Lawdragon is a US-based legal media company that publishes in-depth legal news and widely regarded guides for leading lawyers and advisers. Read Tim Maltin’s full interview here.

Maltin PR has also been recognised as one of the top four Crisis Communications firms in London Lawdragon’s Global 100 Leaders in Legal Strategy and Consulting 2020. Find out more here.