Database Research

Big data is everywhere. The power of modern computers allows sophisticated algorithms to manage very large data sets for analysis.

However, we specialise in small data, providing bespoke database research to enhance your marketing efforts, focusing on clients and potential clients who are most likely to respond to a particular direct marketing message. For database research, we charge a competitive rate, lower than our normal rate for other services.

Our research team has expertise in evaluating and managing the process of how you can best reach the audiences you want to target. We focus your marketing communications so that they address the most relevant clients and potential clients: the more targeted the database, the more effective the campaign. To deliver this, we capture, store and process data in discrete databases as a tool to generate carefully selected lists for your direct marketing campaign.

In researching each contact, we carefully verify all the personal details of each recipient. Our database analysis produces bespoke lists that are accurate, up-to-date and directed toward the most receptive potential clients for your marketing effort.

We approach your defined contact list with customised marketing communication far removed from an impersonal email or mailing. Where appropriate, we can follow up a small mailing with a telephone campaign. Typical audiences may be corporate, legal or other professional services – sub-divided by sector, seniority, job title, location and other relevant criteria.

We build customised, well-researched lists that suit your needs, usually between 50 and 500. For example, we recently compiled a list of the general counsel at every FTSE350 company and invited them to an event on behalf of one of our clients. As a result, 35 of them attended a client workshop, which was very successful.