Events generate publicity and bring people together.

To position yourself as a thought leader and a dominant force in your sector, they are an invaluable way of raising and strengthening your profile. As a means of networking to forge new relationships and to cement existing ones, they have no equal. In delivering value to your communications strategy, they add tangible benefit to your business.

By focusing on these objectives, we generate and develop diverse high profile events, managing the entire process from concept to execution with immaculate attention to detail. Whatever the size of your event, we have the experience and contacts to make it work so that you can engage effectively with your guests or delegates. In creating the right event for your business, formal or informal, we enable you to build your business by reinforcing your brand and enhancing your reputation.

From seminars, workshops and conferences to launch parties, anniversary celebrations and corporate social events, we know how to make your event succeed. A key element is getting the right people to attend on the day: clients, potential clients, leading players and journalists in your sector. We can work with you, or on your behalf, in planning the event, arranging speaker opportunities, creating and managing the guest/attendee list, customising the invitations, choosing the venue, and managing the logistics.

We maximise the potential of each event through exposure in traditional and social media, working with our journalist contacts to ensure that they cover developments. This is particularly relevant at a high profile conference or seminar, where we can also do live tweeting, using hashtags to feed into the debate. For less formal occasions, we ensure that your event does everything it should to create a good impression, from first to last.

We can also assist you in arranging your own seminars and networking events.

One of our clients recently asked us to approach GCs in large London companies.

We researched and built a database of GCs at FTSE 350 companies headquartered in London and developed a fully responsive, interactive HTML invitation and survey.

We secured 35 leading GCs attending the networking event, as well as useful survey results – developed into a white paper, and thought leadership articles published in legal trade publications.

Events Case Studies