Internal Communications

Employees and stakeholders are just as important to your business as your clients. They need to be treated with the same respect and be given as much attention. The same applies in how you communicate with them.

Another way of looking at internal communications is to think of them as internal public relations: strategic communication that builds mutually beneficial relationships between you and your employees.

That is what we help you to achieve by recognising that an effective communications strategy should aim to energise and invigorate every employee, each of whom is a brand ambassador for your business. We therefore operate at board level to make your internal communications work better for you as an organisation. We work strategically with you to increase your operational efficiency and improve colleague engagement.

The best business leaders are good communicators who inspire their staff with a strong narrative. This might start with a ‘town hall’ style address, but at a practical level, this is most often sustained via an effective intranet.

Not only do we design and build intranets, but we can also create appealing content to showcase your successes and to deliver important messages about your organisation. We also design and create newsletters in HTML, develop engaging subject matter, and track employee engagement by open rates and click-throughs.

Innovation and initiative

We help you to deliver cohesive internal communications that act as a gateway between you and your employees: to engage and connect; to excite with stories of your business success; to implement change management while keeping your employees motivated; to explain and clarify your strategy; to encourage feedback, innovation and initiative; and to persuade every employee to share your vision and goals.

The combined effect galvanises everyone to make a difference. As a result, you will retain top talent and your internal communications will fully support the high performance levels on which your business depends.

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