You already pay considerable attention to your company’s brand and marketing efforts; but a professional and engaging corporate video can elevate your profile even further.

Creating a corporate video provides an additional opportunity for you to communicate more directly with your clients and potential clients. Video is a growing medium which complements your existing digital strategy. The right video brings the personality of your firm to life and allows clients to see who you are, how you sound, the ‘cut of your jib’, and where your message fits with your clients.

Our video production team will work with you to discuss your ideas and every aspect of the creative process. In preparation for the making of your video, deciding who is going to be interviewed is important because we aim to get several interviews done in one day, at one location, using one camera crew. This allows for the most cost-effective results.

Thought leadership

You need not worry about drafting a detailed script because people often come across as wooden and stilted when they do. Instead, we ask each person to have three or four bullet points prepared on subjects they feel confident to discuss, things they really know about. We interview you off camera first to put you at your ease and evaluate which thought leadership ideas put you in the best light.

Clients sometimes worry that video production is expensive and time-consuming. But we can create a video for you that looks good, is reassuring and doesn’t cost the earth. We advise you on what looks right, and how to develop a structure. We also suggest locations that will look good and which camera angles are beneficial so that everything is executed efficiently and you get the best results for your budget.

Market profile

Google loves fresh content and videos are a great way to achieve that on your website. They also make your website more three-dimensional and dynamic, holding the viewer’s interest. Using video allows you to deliver depth and personality from your website, enabling you to deal with difficult and important issues in an immediate and engaging manner. This is particularly useful if you are addressing an international audience because video has the power to put you directly in front of your client, anywhere in the world, when that opportunity might not otherwise exist.

A well-produced video can win you new business, build your market profile and help clients decide: that’s someone I can trust and work with. Something that does not always come across in print, or on a website comprised of just text and still images.

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What clients say about Maltin PR

Maltin PR has been our partner in raising the visibility of the Right Livelihood Award, widely known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’, since 2016. We were impressed by the creative direction suggested for the award’s new visual identity, particularly the logo that is both modern and true to the award’s origins. We were equally pleased with the execution of the new look & feel in print and online, including redeveloping the award’s website. Last but not least, we worked together on getting the award better known in the English-speaking world, achieving a significant increase in the media coverage. The Maltin PR team is always ready to go an extra mile to ensure the success of our project and to make the most of our modest PR budget. But what we appreciate most is a sense of a truly shared vision—one of getting our laureates’ inspiring stories out.

Xenya Cherny-Scanlon, Director of Communications, The Right Livelihood Award