Drawing on our experience, we identify the message you want to convey in your market and represent that visually with a brand which goes well beyond a conventional image or logo.

For an existing brand, we can reshape your current image to update, improve and enhance the impression it creates, redefining how you are seen and what you represent. This can be summarised as follows: clients who come to us with a name and logo, come away with a brand.

We do this by taking your logo and refashioning it into your rebrand which then embodies your many attributes – a brand that can be extended into everything you do.

In the process of identity development, we visually recreate your brand so that it fully conveys what you represent in service and quality.

A strong identity is important both for your internal and external communications, as well as for your clients and the media.

For a new brand, we start from scratch considering every aspect of what you will be doing, how you want to be perceived and what message you would like to convey to clients and potential clients.

Creating the right name is imperative: it should describe and encapsulate what your business does, exactly how you do it and the ethos which defines your culture.

After choosing the right name, we can then create the right image that fully supports and reinforces the name, helping you to showcase your new business with a visual representation that comprehensively defines and underpins your brand.

Case Studies